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Jan. 28th: India sterling silver at one Gem Mall vendor: $1.62 gram.  Hill Tribe at one Gem Mall vendor: $2.50. To Bead True Blue is alive and well! Please see FB page for more consistent, timely updates, as ABD still has to deal with computer issues.

Jan. 27th:  J.O.G.S. is open to the public!  You'll still have to register, but you'll get a taste of the "tax-license-only" shows like Holidome by attending J.O.G.S.  It opened today, ABD hasn't visited yet; it closes on the 7th.  If anyone goes to the Grant Inn Mineral Show before ABD, let us know! Also, according to my roving field reporter, the African Village is another great show this year! ABD sees that a place calling itself the "Rock Warehouse," located at 5825 S. Palo Verde Road, a tax-license-only show, has opened on Jan. 25th through Feb. 10th.  ABD will report.

Jan. 26th:  Vendors were swooping down on Village Originals like locusts on Wednesday.  And for you who don't have a TAXPAYER ID, get there on Saturday (when it opens to the public), because the only difference in pricing is that you'll pay tax! Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock on a few items, but there's still plenty there that's beautifully inexpensive!   Also, hearing good reports from the field about the 22nd Street show--it's now open to the public--largest dinosaur in Arizona on display--free and fun for the kids!! 

Remember: G&LW's Grant Inn Show will be consolidated with Gem Mall this year.  There may be a mineral show at the Grant Inn.  ABD will update when confirmed. Also, ABD has moved the Centurion Show to its "Cancelled, Renamed, or Moved" Buyer-Only shows. It has moved to Scottsdale. Needless to say, but worth saying, ABD is sorely disappointed that any Tucson Show would move elsewhere.

If you don't see any posts on this site during the gem show, please visit Arizona Bead Dog on Facebook.  ABD is updating and may temporarily lose its ability to post.

If you're looking for amethyst cathedrals, you owe it to yourself to check out Village Originals--they open to the public on the 28th. They have a great selection and good prices. Scour all the mineral shows, sure, then report back to Arizona Bead Dog if you find better!

"Biggest dinosaur in Arizona" will be at the 22nd Street Show!

Earliest wholesale show is Madagascar Minerals, jump-starting on Wednesday, January 18th! Followed by the Village Originals, which calls TEP Park home for a few weeks, jump-starting on January 25th!

ALL SHOW DATES ARE POSTED!  (Click on Public Gem Shows or Buyer Gem Shows to the left for the full listing.)

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(Mineral Museum Entrance on the U of A campus at the Flandrau Planetarium)

CURRENT EXHIBITOR PROFILES: Atlantic Gems, Silver in Style, Steven Ruse Designs, Ahhhmuse, John Benedict, and MZ Glass.

(Topaz from Afghanistan.)

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(Arresting piece of quartz--about the size of a football--from Afghanistan.)

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(Mexican Gray Wolf at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, another great place to visit while you're here for the Gem Show.)


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(Travelling display of gems from Afghanistan.  This, a beautiful aquamarine.)